We celebrate the most green initiatives, those who lead the fight for the environment.

Welcome to the Llama 2024!

We are proud to introduce the Llama, our new initiative to honor sustainable businesses. This year, we are launching this prestigious award that shines a spotlight on companies at the forefront of sustainability and innovation. We are not swayed by personal preferences but let facts and clear criteria guide us in selecting the company deserving of being celebrated as the inaugural Llama recipient. It's a special recognition bestowed upon the company that truly stands out with its commitment and accomplishments in sustainability. We encourage all ambitious businesses to apply for the Llama and join us in inspiring the entire business community towards a more sustainable future. Welcome to Llama 2024, where we celebrate innovation and dedication to a greener planet.

On the desolate steppes of the Andes Mountains, the llama symbolizes sustainability with its ability to adapt and thrive in harmony with nature. With its humble nature, the llama represents a commitment to preserving our planet for future generations.

Llama shop

Being awarded the Llama is a remarkable achievement. In our online store, we showcase a selection of special packages and products tailored to celebrate and showcase your company's dedication to sustainable success, both internally and externally.

den Specielle - bæredygtig trofæ

The Llama Package

den Specielle - bæredygtig trofæ

The Llama Figurine

den Specielle - bæredygtig trofæ

The Llama Network

Danish-produced and handcraftet
og håndlavede

The Llama figurine is a symbolic and durable expression of your receipt of the Llama. The sculpture is carefully crafted from recycled pallet wood and bears the engraved text "Llama 2024." Originating and processed in Denmark, where it undergoes over 25 steps, it represents our commitment to recycling and sustainability in a unique and beautiful manner.

Share your experiences from your sustainability journey and inspire others!

Looking back on your company's sustainability journey, what has been the key to your success? And what would you recommend to those considering following the same path? Share your thoughts and experiences on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtag #Llama2024 to share your insights and inspire others to take steps towards a more sustainable future.